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39-Storey Hotel and Residence Planned for Peter and Richmond

122, 124, 126 and 128 Peter Street and 257 and 259 Richmond Street West Condos in Toronto

The Entertainment District of Toronto, popular for its high-rise residences, may well have a hotel and residence soon. The project is awaiting the city council’s consent to the plans for a mixed-use building. The plans for this building are ready and available with the council. That being said, the initial proposals show some stunning features. This project is at 357-359 Richmond Street West and 120-128 Peter Street. The area has a number of theatres, art centers, and attractions that are symbolic of the Canadian culture.


Daytime rendering of 122, 124, 126 and 128 Peter Street and 257 and 259 Richmond Street West Condos in Toronto


The Stunning Neighbourhood

Initially, this area had very few attractions. This neighborhood housed the famous Beaux-Arts styled and Royal Alexandra Theatre. The latter is also the oldest operating multi-stage theatre in the whole of North America. The presence of numerous heritage homes at this site is due to the exit of the manufacturing industry. This left behind unused and unoccupied factories and warehouses.

The CN Tower, established in ’76, is an eye-catching tourist attraction. This was the reason why the area started filling up faster. However, the most appreciated architectural arrivals were those of nightclubs in this area. These eventually became a routine feature in the hood. The Twilight Zone, housing a stylish New-York setup, was one of the first and largest dance clubs to open on this street.


Nighttime side rendering of 122, 124, 126 and 128 Peter Street and 257 and 259 Richmond Street West Condos in Toronto


Initial Plans

Initially presented in 2015, this project has been revised multiple times to arrive at the most convenient and efficient plan. Originally it was titled the Carlyle Condos. Currently, the project will feature 270 units of residential purposes. These suites shall include single to three-bedroom formats as well as bachelor pads. The hotel module shall have 106 rooms. An architectural firm, architectsAlliance, headed by architect Peter Clewes, is handling this project. This popular firm was established after Wallman Clewes Bergman and Van Nostrand DiCastri Architects merged.

This multi-purpose building will have 16,777 square meters of residential area. There will also be 500 square meters for spacious underground parking. This will cater to 58 spaces for vehicles and 286 assigned for bicycles. It shall also consist of 6,180 square meters more for other purposes.

The plans state that this magnificent building shall use 13 floors for its hotel section. The building will also have a clubhouse of sorts. This area will have space for all the amenities which will be for both the residents and the hotel guests. These amenities are per plans will be on the sixth floor of the building. These facilities will feature a gym, spa, and other amenities. However, no such concrete plans regarding these floors and layouts have been submitted to the City.


Nighttime front rendering of 122, 124, 126 and 128 Peter Street and 257 and 259 Richmond Street West Condos in Toronto


A Few Elements Will Be Retained

Given the importance of culture and heritage for the Canadians, this project has expressed its desire to retain some of the heritage charm. It has proposed the incorporation of five heritage buildings pre-existent on the property into their current plan. These shall include three heritage buildings on Peter Street that shall stand underneath a section of the tower podium.
The plan for Richmond Street shall include two other heritage homes into the design. These constructions will include a lot of cultural elements to enhance the neighborhood. In fact, it may be one of the last few buildings with such elements and designs throughout the development. This feature is sure to appeal to the people of the area considering its historical nature and the desire of the project to actively retain it.


Other Notable Constructions Around the Region

This neighbourhood is famous for condominium apartment developments and luxurious residences, notable ones by the Robert De Niro Nobu Hotel chain. Among these greats, this architectsAlliance project shall make a noteworthy presence with its well-planned structure and cultural charm.

The inclusion of features like a joint tower podium and shared amenities is sure to attract a great deal of publicity to this project, even prior to its completion. The existing history of the area with its high-rises, theatres, dance clubs, and sports leagues will be a bonus to this strategically located site.

A lot of interested buyers and investors await the approval for the plans of this stunning construction. People of Toronto are eagerly looking forward to the stunning features and designs proposed at the corner of Peter and Richmond.



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