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1-Bedroom Condos For Sale in Toronto

These 1 Bedroom condos in Toronto are available for a great price! The sale offers you loads of incentives and insider benefits, not available anywhere else! 1 Bedroom Condos in Toronto are highly sought after by many different buyers, including students, bachelors & bachelorettes, couples, small families, entrepreneurs and those new to the city.

Toronto is home to a nearly endless supply of condos and apartments to choose from. The process can often be an overwhelming one and many factors need to be taken into consideration. Our team at Condo Investments knows Toronto and we’ve been intimately familiar with the condominium market for over 10 years.

Apartments in Toronto can be a great investment once your needs and criteria for purchase have been discussed and assessed. The sale price of a unit depends on multiple factors, including how early you buy with a pre-construction, your history with the agent/broker and the developer’s established reputation. The sale can further be negotiated with various levels of commitment to one or more condo units.

When all you need is 1 Bedroom, it’s often a fiscally responsible decision and it also helps reduce your carbon footprint! A 1 Bedroom provides you with more comfort and space than a studio apartment, which can leave you feeling a bit cramped. The cosy spaciousness of a 1 bedroom condo has left some owners saying they feel safer due to the lack of infrequently accessed areas of the apartment.

Privacy is also another great benefit of a 1 Bedroom apartment! In addition to not having to live with a roommate (who isn’t your significant other), you retain your bedroom as your closed-door private space, away from any guests you might be entertaining.

A 1 Bedroom apartment can also help you achieve a minimalist lifestyle, which has been proven to reduce anxiety and increase well-being. In the daily busyness of Toronto, coming home to relax is something everyone wants to do. If you’re not a fan of many chores, a 1 Bedroom apartment means less cleaning, too!

If you happen to be purchasing a 1 bedroom condo for the efficiency and minimalism, that could leave you with a budget to really customize your apartment in a way that truly reflects your lifestyle and would cost significantly less than applying that same style to a condo that is larger than 1 bedroom.

Toronto has a great selection of luxury condos for sale, depending on your lifestyle and the area of the city you’d like your apartment to be in. The city is rich with diversity and has the perfect neighbourhood that suits those looking to start a family, or those looking to find themselves in a city with unlimited potential.

Condo Sales in Toronto usually go fast due to the booming growth of the real estate market here, so it’s good to have others in your corner helping let you know which apartments go on sale that meet your desired criteria. 1 Bedroom apartments in certain areas of Toronto can sell a couple of days after being put on the market and we have a constant pulse of the city to let you know when a new condo is available for sale.

If you have any questions or would like more information regarding the sale of a 1 Bedroom condo in Toronto, you can send us an email, fill out one of our forms, call or text! We look forward to providing you with our expertise and exceptional service.

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