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Today’s Real Estate Market

Many have taken advantage of the ‘good times’ and have been buying and selling real estate for investment purposes. Many clients have bought over and over only to be mortgage free today.

Real Estate investment is not for the faint-of-heart. You need a knowledgeable real estate agent with financing capabilities to get into the game.

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Market Outlook – Indicators

  • Toronto’s Real Estate market appears to be able to hold and re-sell the units.
  • Toronto’s condo market is being fueled by wealthy young professionals
  • They do not wish to travel hours to work
  • They are usually single or maybe couples
  • Many buyers are retired and love the downtown living
  • Toronto’s downtown core is revitalizing and becoming more vibrant and fun
  • Toronto is the 4th largest city by population in North America
  • Toronto’s economy is stronger than ever and will continue to attract people wanting to live in Toronto
  • Greater Toronto Area is the fastest-growing region, largely due to immigration
  • Toronto is the 2nd fastest growing major employment region in North America
  • Ontario’s population was 12.5 million in 2005, and is projected to reach 16.4 million by 2031
  • Toronto’s population is projected to rise from 2.68 million in 2009 to 3.27 million in 2036
  • The Greater Toronto Area will become a city of nearly 7 Million people by 2031

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