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Toronto Lofts for Sale in Toronto

Buying a loft in Downtown Toronto is a luxury available only to those who are in the know! These properties move fast because of their spacious, modern and upscale look and feel. Toronto is a highly sought after location for lofts because of the wonderful views and neighbourhoods the city has to offer. The sale of lofts in Toronto always sparks attention in the real estate community, both from the buyer and seller perspective. In addition, buying a loft not only in Toronto but in Downtown Toronto is a rare gem.

Condo Investments is the right choice when finding a loft because we know Toronto and we’re confident in our investment approach. Often times, we work directly with the Developer and have the inside track for any information you might want that isn’t yet available to the public. We’re proud of our track record and our developer-approved allocation means that we can get you into some the best units!

Choosing a loft depends on your style and preferences and whether you’re looking for a “hard loft” or a “soft loft”. A hard loft is converted from a pre-existing building (not initially intended to be a living space), which gives it a more industrial feeling, which can add its own unique character and charm. A soft loft is a loft that was built from the ground up. They tend to be more modern, while still retaining the regular characteristics you love when looking for a loft (high ceilings, large windows, cement/brick walls, etc.).

Lofts are typically more spacious than your average unit and can be one or two floors. The number of beds and baths will vary, but then open space concept will leave you feeling like there’s more than enough room, no matter their size. Downtown Toronto has a number of hard and soft lofts to choose from, with new projects in the works!

Condo Investments is committed to helping you purchase a loft in Downtown Toronto. The sale of these lofts can go remarkably quick, so having on your side is beneficial to getting the unit you desire in the building you’re looking for. Even if you’re not planning on purchasing a loft immediately, getting in touch with us can set a few important pieces in motion that will ensure that you’re fully prepared to act quickly when the timing is right.

We’ve spent over 10 years in Toronto building relationships with the best developers the city has to offer. You can rest assured your loft will be built well from the ground up, or properly converted to ensure satisfaction, privacy and quality. If you have any questions regarding the purchase of a new or previously owned lofts in Downtown Toronto, we encourage you to get in touch with one of our specialists for a no-pressure consultation in order to help start you on your journey to finding the perfect loft for you!

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