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10 Things To Do While Quarantined

Display of paper houses and people placed on a wood floor.

Coronavirus pandemic spread is on the rise. The spread of COVID-19 has not only hampered the run of businesses in Toronto but also brought a halt to the daily activities of every individual. What do you do in such a scenario?

Especially when the talk is about a family involving children, things can get frustrating at times. Children are hard to handle, and keeping them in the house without any work can be quite challenging. In such dire times, it’s advised to remain confined inside your condos rather than venturing out or playing in the common areas of the premises either. If you’re facing this challenge and wondering ‘What do I do,’ keep reading!


Display of paper houses and people placed on a wood floor.


Ten things that you can do while remaining quarantined during COVID-19

No need to stay bored anymore! Here are ten ideas for you that can keep you and your kids engaged in Toronto:

1. Set A Fun Reading Time At Home

Reading is something that is enjoyed by kids and adults alike. Therefore, when it comes to engaging all the members of the family, what could be a better option? Decide on daily reading time in the house. Sitting in the warmth of your house, all the family members could sit together and read their favourite books.

To make it better and more interesting, after this reading time, you could hold discussions with the kids on what they read and enhance their creativity on it.


2. A New Recipe Each Day

The internet is full of interesting cooking recipes for both adults and children. Now that you are at home, you might have stocked up quite a lot of groceries in the house already. For each day, you could plan a new recipe to cook as a family together. This way, you all will be learning something new and spending some fun time together.

Cooking together with your loved ones is definitely a happy feeling. In these times of quarantine, it would be quite exciting to unite as a family and do some cooking together.


3. Frequent Movie Nights

Kids being quarantines at home means they don’t really have school homework to cater to. Why not turn the boring days into something they look forward to? You could make a list of ‘Must-watch’ movies together and plan for movie nights at home more frequently.

Just make some popcorns and gather together in the television room to watch something lively or comedy together.


4. Set Up Interesting Games And Adventures In The House

In these times of quarantine, you need something entertaining not just for the kids, but for yourself too! Here’s an idea- start playing with the kids. There are multiple board games available that you could indulge in.

Or, if you like a little adventure, set up a treasure hunt within your house itself. You could make clues and spread them in varied rooms. This is sure to keep the kids occupied for a few hours of the day. At the same time, giving you enjoyment too.


5. Involve Them In Some Skincare Activities

Kids love anything and everything that involves them actively. For instance, even if you tell them to pick things and watch you make something, they will follow your instructions and observe keenly. Being at home calls for following a perfect skincare routine.

Make it fun with kids. You could try making homemade soap or some fragrant face scrub for yourself and the kids. Make them a nice bubble bath with DIY salts and put in some toys for them to enjoy. The kids will love it!


6. Get A Little Crafty

Kids always want something to look up to. You can keep them engaged by making them prepare some art and craft things for an upcoming occasion. It could be a festival you celebrate, a family member’s birthday or simply some décor for their own room.

Ask them to make greeting cards, wall hangings, and more with the materials available at home. Let them get their hands a little colourful with paint and glitters!


7. Following A Daily Goals Tracker

Just because there is no school does not mean that kids don’t have to study at all! Make a routine and set up goals for them for a daily routine. Make them follow it and complete their learning tasks.

To keep them interested in it, reward them for completing their goals. This will keep them motivated to finish the learning tasks as well.


8. Make A Collage Or A Scrapbook

Time to re-visit your favourite holiday places with the kids. Whether it is a holiday that you have had in the past or are planning to have one sometime later, create a collage for it. You could print pictures from the trip or destinations to cover there.

Have kids arrange the pictures, make a creative collage out of it, and do something new with the regular scrapbooks.


9. Pick Up A Puzzle Together

Solving a jigsaw puzzle is fun too. Kids find it interesting, and adults can spend their time with it too. Make some lemonade, munchies, and sit for a jigsaw puzzle solving session once in a while. It will not only pass kids’ time but also help in their brain development.

It makes them think strongly and enhances their brain coordination too.

10. Host Exercise Class At Home

Just because you can’t go outside doesn’t mean you stop the physical activity completely. It’s time for some workout at home! Plan a routine for the entire family and do some stretching and other exercises at home itself.

This routine could either be different for all family members or a mix of exercises for all members. Include kids’ exercises in between too so that they feel engaged and active too.


Keep the kids isolated and safe in the houses. Quarantine, but don’t lead a dull life. Include some fun ideas in your daily routine to make it interesting for the kids. Keep them occupied, and they won’t trouble or irritate you. Instead, make it a time to get more attached as a family and do exciting and vibrant activities together.

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