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Brightwater Master-Planned Community: Have A Glance At Your Future

Aerial of Brightwater Community in Port Credit, Mississauga, Ontario.

People are always concerned about the future, about how it’s going to be. When it comes to the future, home is the first thing that comes to mind. Everyone wants to live in a community that promises quality infrastructure as well as sustainability.

Often people hear about various master-planned communities coming up in the neighbourhood. The Brightwater master-planned community is one such community that promises a futuristic and sustainable design, promoting healthy living.

Brightwater is an extremely innovative community with ecologically-efficient buildings. The community’s construction respects both innovation and the environment. It is a $2 billion community located between the Port Credit shoreline and Lakeshore Road West that spans over 72-acres.

You can live facing the water or live near the main city, it is all in one place!


Aerial of Brightwater Community Condos and Townhomes in Port Credit.


Brightwater Master-Planned Community: The Sustainable Future

The Brightwater master-planned community offers a sustainable community living that promotes health, connectivity, and well-being. The community boasts exciting features that take innovation as well as sustainability into account.

The Brightwater Master-Planned Community focuses on these key features:

Calm Home with Waterfront Houses

Brightwater will have a green shoreline that will allow the community to live facing the water. In addition to this, the community will feature 18 acres of a seamless network of public parks, gardens, and open spaces.

Ecological Integration

The open spaces integrate beautifully with the waterfront to create an ecologically sound community.

Sustainable Neighbourhood

Brightwater promises a block-patterned neighbourhood with fine-grained streets to make it future-ready. From cyclists, pedestrians, and cars to driverless vehicles, this community will serve all.

Futuristic Development

Brightwater Community is investing in various sustainable energies like geothermal and solar energy. There is a lot of focus on the prevention of light pollution.


Brightwater connects the community to more than 300,000 square feet of spaces that comprise shops, offices, restaurants, sports arenas, and much more.


Rendering of Brightwater Community Port Credit Courtyard


Meet the Futuristic Infrastructure

Brightwater Community is a masterpiece of various talented GTA developers that include the Dream, Kilmer Group, Diamond Corp. as well as Fram + Slokker. Giannone Petricone Associates are the pioneers of the community’s design. This site dates back to the 1800s when it was a mere shave excavation zone. The community retains aspects of its industrial past.

Brightwater will have multi-purpose buildings. The tallest condo will boast 29 floors and be surrounded by rental buildings, office spaces, townhouses, and other condos. There will be close to 2,500 condos along with a total of 500 townhouses. The Region of Peel will also construct around 150 affordable homes.

Brightwater features eight residential buildings, four commercial towers, and three buildings designed as mixed-use buildings. There will be an addition of six new roads to promote mobility. The community’s residents will be surrounded by green spaces and a glorious view of the waterfront.

The proposed plan also includes a beach and a park along the shoreline. There will be ecological gardens with green walkways that will make the lake accessible for residents. These promote healthy living. This way, the residents can go from the market to Lake Ontario easily.

The Southside will feature an area called Campus. This will have five buildings that will be an integration of commercial, cultural, and residential features. The Campus will also consist of a YMCA, a community centre, and various exciting partnerships. There will also be an elementary school, which will be a convenient facility for families with kids.


Rendering of Brightwater Port Credit Residences Garden and Courtyard


Live a Sustainable Life at the Brightwater Master-Planned Community

Brightwater gives us a glance into the future with its innovative and ecological design. The unique streets and walkways are designed to minimize private automation. The community is also planning shuttle services that will make commuting easy.

Brightwater is a pioneer in creating an eco-friendly and sustainable community for people who wish to live a healthy and active life. This community is in the talks of developing visionary features like bio-retention tree pits, green roofs, rainwater harvesting, and geothermal heating.

This project is dedicated to providing you with a golden, or should we say green, opportunity to live a quality life away from the evils of over-population, noise, pollution, and traffic. Brightwater is indeed an ode to the environment and a project that will inspire many.


Aerial view of Brightwater Community in Port Credit, Mississauga.

Project Details

Brightwater Port Credit

70 Mississauga Road South,
Mississauga, ON L5H 2H3, Canada


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