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Can Living In A Condo Meet Your Family-Friendly Lifestyle?

Rendering of Canary Commons Condo in Toronto's playroom for families.

What do you see when you imagine a house that is family-friendly? Of course, there is a traditional image that we all imagine when it comes to a family home. A single-detached property with spacious rooms, a garden beautifully decorated, and the yard where kids and pets play!

The summers are lovely and beautiful as the sound of children playing street hockey rings in your ear. The winters are happy as the entire family builds a snowman together and sits together for warm meals. However, that is a very traditional and outdated trim. More families have ditched the dream of having a house with a white picket fence and chosen homes that look more sophisticated and classy. 

The question is how a yard is needed if you can easily step out into the urban jungle that has multiple public parks and green spaces to enjoy? You don’t always need a house and a yard to achieve that family-friendly environment that you once may have grown up in. What you need is a home that perfectly fits with the amenities to support the priorities for more satisfactory living conditions. 

These days there are so many condos that come with multiple amenities so that families get to enjoy different options in how they would like to raise their children and also a home that fits both their budgets and needs.

There is a general concern that controls may be tight in terms of space. However, there are playgrounds and playrooms, which let your kid enjoy the freedom to move around and interact with other kids in the vicinity. You can also find craft rooms and many theatres that nourish the creativity of your kids. At the same time, swimming pools, playgrounds, and splash pads keep your children involved in both indoor and outdoor activities. You’ll also find other forms of entertainment such as movie nights, library, reading nooks, game rooms and other such facilities. Plus, the communal areas of these condos give you a great opportunity to meet other residents. 

Over the decade, there has been a significant change in opinion that condos are solely meant for professional singles or boomers who are looking for downsizing. Families have come up to choose to raise their kids in condos as these high-rise homes allow your kid to enjoy amenity spaces which most suburbs fail to provide.

Even the developers have begun to increasingly cater to the market by including amenities that sufficiently support a family-friendly lifestyle. This is why you should look for condos that have the right amenities to fit your demands as well as the demands of your kids. Having a big backyard or a white picket fence is no longer their priority. The priority is in finding a family-friendly home that helps your family grow as a whole, and a condo is very suitable in offering the same. 

Some of the condos that make the best home in Toronto are:

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