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Condo Inspection Checklist

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When it comes to the Toronto housing market, condos top the list. They have been the most popular choice among homebuyers looking to buy a property with various amenities, less maintenance, and at prime locations. Whether you are planning to buy a condo or looking to get one on rent, you need to ensure that the unit you choose is the right pick for you. This is where conducting a condo inspection helps! Conducting a proper inspection of the interior and exterior of the condos is essential to find out any issues that might not have been disclosed.


Confused about what to include in your condo inspection checklist? Here is what you must have!

1.Verify the Access
Before you start the condo inspection, you would need to verify the access to the condo as well as the building. Collect the keys to the condo and take proper access rights from the management to visit common areas and amenities.

2. Condo Documents
It is crucial to inspect all the documents pertaining to the condos. This may include structural costs, the fee incurred, repairs made, if any, contingency fund documents, etc. You may ask for the Status Certificate, which will have some reports regarding the status of the pointers mentioned and will also help you understand if any maintenance upgrades are required in the near future.

3. Ceilings and Floors
The internal structure of your condo is the most visible element and might cost a fortune if something goes wrong. So, while you enter a condo for inspection, ceilings and floors should be a priority. Check the floors and ceiling for any marks, spots, or cracks. The presence of any of these in a condo indicates some issues with the chief roof. Watch the floor closely for any loose tiles or wood planks in case of wooden flooring. Also, watch the floor for any sloping, as that may turn out another major issue requiring immediate attention.

4. Windows and Walls
Here is another important pointer to be included in your inspection checklist for the condo. Check the walls of the condos for any roughness, cracks, or spotting issues. Cracks in the walls indicate issues with the building’s foundation, while coarseness in the walls is due to the water problems in the condo. Similarly, any spotting on the condo walls might be due to the existing mould issues.

5. Kitchen and Washrooms of the Unit
Undoubtedly, the maintenance of the kitchen and the bathrooms is among the biggest expenses you might need to pay. Thus, we highly recommend that you check each fixture and appliances of your condo. Don’t miss to check on the drawers and cabinets to ensure they are in appropriate working condition.

6. Heating and Air Conditioning
When you go into the condo for inspection, do take out time to inspect the heating and air conditioning of the condo. Look more carefully in case of a centralized system. You may even like to call an expert professional who can properly inspect the duct and check all the filters. Also, call an electrician to check on the functioning of the electrical outlets and examine for any possibility of fire hazards, etc.

7. The Exteriors
Many people forego this point without understanding the importance of it. The exteriors of any condo provide some information about the current maintenance status of the condo. There shouldn’t be any cracks, stains, or leakage signs on the exterior walls of the condos. Moreover, it also gives a fair insight into the cleanliness of the facilities of the condos too.

To make sure that you have a great experience living in your condo, do look out for the condition of the amenities offered at the condos. Almost every condo society has amenities like swimming pools, exercise rooms, meeting rooms, etc. However, what really makes the difference is how these amenities are maintained and taken care of. You should also inspect the parking space allotted with the condo for any issues.

8. Commutation and Accessibility Around the Condo
This is among the most prominent reasons why people opt for a condo living. Look for the commutation availability around the condo. Analyze the walking score, bike score of the condo, and check the nearest stations for connectivity all over the city. It also depends upon your requirement what all connectivity options you would like to have around the living area.

Accessibility to basic necessities like grocery stores, medical stores, schools, colleges, restaurants, dining options, shopping centres, etc. around the condos can be another factor that can help you decide whether the condo is the right pick for you or not.


Living in a condo at a prime location with all the amenities is an experience in itself. However, you need to check on a few factors to ensure you don’t end up compromising on the basic things but enjoy living here. Keep a check on the checklist discussed above to choose the perfect condo for yourself.


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