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As condo unit prices continue to rise, many wonder if lofts for sale in downtown Toronto are worth their investment. From an investor’s perspective, rising prices project high appreciate rate for condominiums—which is always a good reason to invest. While condos may seem somewhat an expensive prospect for today’s buyers, they can mean huge returns in the future. When investing in any type of real estate, the location should be a major consideration as this dictates not only your comfort and convenience but also the future value of your investment. The Greater Toronto Area is one of the most sought after places for real estate investments, particularly condominium developments. With an average of some 200,000 people moving into the city on a yearly basis, it is no wonder why condo developments have surged in number across downtown and elsewhere in the city over the recent years.

There are many factors that you should consider when looking at lofts for sale in downtown Toronto, not the least of which is buying in an area where people actually want to live. Whether you are searching for your own residence or perhaps an investment you can rent out, location is a crucial consideration, as this will determine your condominium’s livability. Ask important questions about accessibility to transport services, major roads, as well as local amenities and businesses.

Consider what the real estate landscape will be over the next decade to make sure that you are making an investment that will stand in terms of value. Locations like downtown Toronto are pretty much a sure bet, especially with the sheer number of people wishing to move into town. Learn about low to high-end neighbourhoods and weigh the pros and cons of each to help in your final decision making. Consider acquisition costs and appreciation rates within local markets, so you’ll know whether or not your prospect location is right for you.


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