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Reasons to Buy a 3 Bedroom Apartment in Toronto

  • by Oliver von Bretten
  • 4 years ago
  • Toronto
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Interior suite bedroom of Monaco Condos in Collingwood

Apartments have always been, still are, and will most likely always be a good investment regardless the time period. Unlike other property investments (particularly commercial property investments), apartment buildings, say a 3-bedroom apartment Toronto is largely affected by residential trends and homebuyer demographics. For instance, the recent fallout from the economic recession and crash has created a great imbalance in the home market, hence giving rise to increased apartment rental rates. This increase in rental pricing directly correlates to higher apartment building values. This, among many others is a compelling reason why you should consider investing in a lucrative property type, such as an apartment.

A 3-bedroom apartment Toronto is also a great investment choice for many traditional reasons such as being a more affordable investment property and the prospect of having an additional source of income, which essentially makes your investment pay for itself and adds to your gains. Apartments are much cheaper to buy than traditional housing, with median prices as much as half the value of a traditional home. Apartments also require much less maintenance than a conventional residence, as you won’t have a large back or front yard to mow or a garden to tend to. Maintenance costs for an apartment are also significantly lower than that of a much larger property, as reduced space can likewise mean cheaper gas, electricity, and utility bills.

Most rental properties are also centrally located in cities, which makes them verily accessible to everything. A well-located apartment investment makes for an in-demand piece of property that will allow you to put a premium on rental prices—and one that tenants won’t hesitate to pay due to the convenience and accessibility that the property offers. Knowing your current needs and future plans should play an important part in deciding what type of property you should invest in. Just the same, experts believe that an apartment is a great investment choice, especially when looking ahead and considering its profitability.


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