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Toronto Condos and Neighbourhoods with the Best Bike Score

Man biking near the Roy Thomson Hall, Simcoe Street, Toronto, Toronto, ON, Canada with CN Tower in the background.

Recently the buzz around cycling has seen a massive expansion in Toronto, and yet it has been in Canada for over two decades now. People belonging to different age groups and other regions gather to attain common objectives like charity, fundraisers, and awareness campaigns for diseases like HIV, breast cancer, diabetes, etc.


Bike Riding in Toronto

The primary reason for the increasing fondness of people for cycling is the ease of transit, decent travel time and it’s an environmentally friendly option. A study conducted by McGill University, states that the worth of apartments in Montreal is increased if they are bike-friendly as more and more bikers are looking for it. It’s important for every major city, like Montreal or Toronto, to have safe cycling access on all roads.


Does your Toronto Locality have a Cycling Infrastructure?

Firstly, the bikers are looking for a locality with cycling infrastructure to be safe. Secondly, closer bicycle lanes have higher bike scores. That is to say, it provides easy lane access with more excellent connectivity to the bikers.

Some Essential Facts About the Toronto Biking Community:

  • Toronto is the first country in North America to have installed 17,000 post and ring bicycle racks in the year 2001.
  • 25% of people use bikes basically for pleasure, and 29% use it for commuting to the workplace, accounting for the total 54% population of bike riders in Toronto.
  • Between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m. over 20,000 bikers ride through the downtown core on a weekday.


Growing Bike Share in Toronto

To increase the number of users, Bike Share introduced a scheme in which the users can use 625 docking stations and over 6850 bicycles. They just have to pay $99 annually. However, Bike Share also offers the services for variable time durations at fixed rates. For example, for quick and efficient one-way trips they offer bikes at 3.25 dollars. Similarly, for occasional riders, they provide a 24 hours access pass at 7 dollars. And for visitors and explorers, they offer a 3-day pass for 15 dollars.

In the year 2016, the Bike Share enjoyed increasing awareness among the biker’s community and the scheme’s success. As a result, even the Ontario Government decided to fund the company with 4.6 million dollars to expand the project and introduce the services in other parts of the country.


Daily Riders

It has been seen that lately, people prefer riding bikes to the workplace instead of a four-wheeler as it saves a generous amount of time. On the other hand, it also helps in saving money. Moreover, it is an eco-friendlier way to commute, and last but not least, it enables you to stay fit.

Despite all these benefits, the majority of the population still prefers to commute in their four-wheeler. Only 1.7% of the Toronto population use bikes, preferably to commute daily, even on the days of the most massive traffic in the downtown core.


Planning and Execution of an Improved Cycling Network

Cycling has been perceived very well among the country’s population. Meanwhile, there is a demographic segment, still not in favour because of bikers’ safety while riding bikes.

Moreover, the country has seen a growth in the demand for well-planned routes. The Toronto government is funding in a 10-year plan. Basically, the plan has 3 main objectives. First to enhance the connectivity. Second, to expand the route. And then finally to build up the cycling community. It is specifically taken up to eliminate this perception and to address the issue of well-planned streets.

The plan features the following upgrades:

  • Expanding the current route by 280 km of the centerline at busy roads.
  • To enhance the connectivity, 55 km of the centerline of the sidewalk- level boulevard on busy streets.
  • Building-up a cycling community by 90km of centerline on relatively free lanes.


Condos with Amenities for their Bike Riding Residents

Whenever trying to find accommodation try to look out for the cycle infrastructure of the locality.

  1. 75 The Esplanade Condos
  • Located at St. Lawrence market
  • Adjacent to Leslie Street
  • Bike Score: 94/100
  • Walk Score: 98/100 (steps to nearest food outlet)
  • Transit Score: 100 (steps to nearest transportation route
  1. 8 Cumberland Condos
  • Located at the centre of Yorkville
  • A couple of minutes of riding will take you to the breathtaking Don Valley river
  • The 64 Storey and 501 Suites project
  • Bike Score: 87/100
  • Walk Score: 99/100
  • Transit Score: 91/100
  1. Artists’ Alley Condos
  • At the centre of Toronto Downtown Core, also a combination of quiet streets and lovely locations.
  • Bike Score: 98/100
  • Walk Score: 97/100
  • Transit Score: 100/100


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