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9 Signs That Will Allow You To Spot A Bad Condo

Skyline of high-rise condo buildings.

Buying a Condo isn’t a joke. There is a lot that needs to be researched before you buy a Condo. If the research is not done properly, you might end up wasting your money on the wrong item. Hence, here are some thought-out factors you need to consider while buying a Condo. These telltale signs can come handy in deciding if a Condo is worth it.


Skyline of high-rise condo buildings.


1. Reviews

Knowing the views of people who have already had experiences in living in the Condo helps in gathering a ton of knowledge. Reviews are the best way to find out what people have to say about anything. That way you get a rough idea about what you are signing up for. When it comes to Condos, reviews can help a lot in deciding if the investment will be profitable or not. You can get a better idea about the Condo from people who have already had the experience of living in it than from people who want to sell it.

2. Rental on Airbnb

You need to understand the relation between a bad Condo and Airbnb Rentals. This is a very significant factor that people mostly forget to look at. Now, when it comes to Airbnb Rentals, more flexibility is a given sign of a problematic Condo. Note the kind of Airbnb Rentals that have resided in the Condo. In general, check if they are people who rent it for a few nights regardless of how the property is. This could be an indication that they are a noisier, more destructive and messier set of people. You would not want such people to be your neighbors.

3. Security

In an age filled with skepticism, security is everything. So, it is mandatory that you check the security provided by the building. How easy is it for anyone to get into the building? How easy is it to sneak into the building through other ways like windows or any other accessible portal? Is there staff for security? If yes, how good are they at doing their job? These questions are very important. A lame security staff and doors that lack security can let any intruder in. So, risks are higher without any proper security system.

4. Condition of the Elevators

When it comes to infrastructure, elevators are the first things to tell you how well the building has been made. They indicate the quality of the Condo and the building. They also indicate the kind of management group the building has. For instance, a clean elevator means the building is maintained properly. On the other hand, vandalized or scarred elevators aren’t positive giveaways. This means that the management team of the building does not work well. It also means that they lack regular maintenance of the building. This is especially in the case of buildings that have built new but look like they are ages old.

5. The Workmanship of the Condo

There are so many things that you can see in a bad Condo. Some of these things are obvious while others need you to be a little more observant. For example, drywall, cracks on the ceiling, cracked corners are a few of the obvious signs that you can look into. Irregular and awkward floors, lamination gaps on floors, inaccessibility of wardrobes and absence of windows. These are a few of the signs that are not so obvious. Check the doors too because sometimes they might not fit well. In that case, you will have to apply more strength just to open or shut the door every time.

6. Noise Level

Whenever you go to buy a Condo or to check one out before buying, visit it in the evening. The evening time is best because this is when the neighbors of the Condo you want will be present at home. Check if you can hear the noise or smell the food from other Condos. If yes, it means that the Condos are built too close. Also, check if you can hear the elevator sounds from your Condo. That is another indication of a bad Condo. Many Condos are built too close to each other. In some cases, you can see nothing but the wall of the other Condo. A good view is necessary. Also, try to find out if there are plans for more construction in the vicinity. You don’t want a building with a great view that will be later covered by another building.

7. Gym/Pool

You will find that there are Condos that do not have a gym or a pool connected to the building. The inconvenience might not bother you during summers. However, in summers, nothing can be more annoying than walking a distance for a gym or a pool. At the same time, check if the Condo does have these amenities connected. If they do, see how crowded they are. If a gym is constantly crowded, it’s no use going there. You won’t have much access to the machines anyway. The same goes for a pool.

8. Repair

A Condo might have all the amenities you need. A swimming pool, a gymnasium, and even a jacuzzi. But, what if they are constantly seeing repair? A repair might mean renovation. But, a constant series of repairs only indicate bad management as well as cheap construction. It can also mean that the management service of the building does not make the repair job seriously. It is not in a haste to fix the mess and therefore, lets it lie around uselessly. Hence, opt for something with amenities that you can actually use. After all, you will be paying for those too.

9. Parking Spots

The biggest inconvenience that you can meet is a tight parking spot. Imagine driving back home only to find that you don’t have enough space to park your car. Furthermore, this is not just an annoying inconvenience. Tight parking spots can even end up hurting your vehicle. Your vehicle can end up having damages like scratches or something even more serious. There’s another factor that you may want to consider parking spaces. If the parking spot is far from the elevator, it isn’t convenient. Some parking lots may require you to walk quite a distance to reach the elevator. This can later feel troublesome, especially when you are carrying a lot of stuff.


These are the direct indications that you should be wary of before you buy a Condo. However, how you react to these indications is solely based on personal preference. Maybe, you can still adjust to it. But, if not, you can simply just look further until you find your perfect home.

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