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What Is The Smallest Space You Could Possibly Live In?

small but modern studio-size condo unit.

Are you looking forward to owning a space in the most happening neighbourhoods of Toronto? Well, that’s a great thought, but do you have the budget? If not, analyze your options. Ask yourself, what is the smallest space you could possibly live in? If you are short on budget, but still want to live in a prime neighbourhood, the only way is to squeeze into the tiny condos available, also known as Micro condos.

Micro condos are becoming common in Toronto’s real estate sector. They not only help buyers wrestle with affordability but also encourage them to live a clutter-free life. However, they aren’t for everyone. Only those who prioritize living in an urban landscape at the central location to spacious condos can go for small spaces like micro condos.

There are some good small condos that are worth spending on. But how do you decide which one’s the best? Here we have put together a list of condos in Toronto that can be the prime choices you won’t regret.


Modern and simple studio condominium unit.


Why should you invest in a Condo?

A condo is pretty much a mix of a house and an apartment. You can purchase the property, own the house or just rent it. Just like apartments, condos share walls with neighbours and are placed close to each other. Toronto has seen a high rise in people who have opted to live in condos. If you too are thinking of choosing a condo life, here are the benefits you can enjoy:

1.    Cheap and Effective

The price of a condo depends on three major things:

  • The size of the condo
  • The value of the neighbourhood property
  • The expenses involved in living in that area.

Based on these three things, you can derive the money that will be involved. Even then, it’s evident that the expenses will be less than that of a house. As per industry experts, individual houses see faster price rates growth than condos. So, in that case, condos come off as a huge relief. For a price lesser, you get a home that doesn’t charge you for the space you don’t require.

2.    Community Buildup

If you love social gatherings and getting involved in social scenarios, you will love condos. Most condos are located at closer proximities. Hence, you tend to have better connections with people living next to you. One may say that houses in suburban areas are located close to each other as well. However, unlike the suburbs, condos do not have yards to create more distance. Living in a condo will turn you into a social being. Interacting with neighbours is both relatively easy and unavoidable. Most condo areas have interesting bars and pubs that build even more opportunities to connect. So, you will be far more active on social grounds.

3.    Amenities

Condo living brings with it an opportunity to avail a plethora of amenities facilitated by the developer. This varies from project to project, but often includes a swimming pool, 24-hour concierge service, parking, TV lounge, recreation room, sports area, saunas, fitness center, outdoor space, library and many others. You can even book rooms to party for special events. No maintenance of roofs or shovelling the ground. What more can you ask for?

4.    No Lawn, No Mowing

One of the foremost benefits of living in a condo is that you don’t have to go through the hassle of scything the ground or any other maintenance as a matter of fact. The condominium association takes care of most of the maintenance responsibilities of the building. This has so far been the biggest relief for the people living in Condos. Of course, there is a charge for maintenance. But it’s totally worth it. Especially when you won’t need to pick even a shovel for your years of stay.


Best Condos to Invest In

Still confused about where you can find suitable condos to live in? Well, we have created a list to shoot your troubles. Here are the top 3 most suitable condos that you can opt for.

1.   40 Homeword Avenue

This is an old condo. And by old, we mean antique. The condo was reportedly registered in 1972 during Halloween. Interestingly, this was the first batch of condos that were built in Toronto. You will notice that the units of this condo have different sizes. It is located near Jarvis and Carlton, somewhere in the east of downtown. To its west, your eyes can feast on the beautiful sight that Toronto is. Your east will see the street sides of Cabbagetown. Beautiful treetops will peek at you from the east, and it’s just majestically beautiful. And unlike the downtown, you will witness an unusual serenity in the neighbourhood.

Best Feature: Each unit has its own personal decks. Plus, for a little more cost, you can even customize the doors and windows.

2.   65 Scadding Avenue

This is also an old condo. It was an imagination turned into reality by Jane Jacobs in 1988. Much like the former condo, this too was built near the downtown. Yet, the condo is a peaceful zone that you will enjoy living in. The condo is successful because of its well-integrated structure. It has faced several renovations since 1988 and has added some new features like a fireplace in some of the units. Further updates include a brand new lobby and beautiful hallways to match the serenity of the ambiance. Overall, the developer has made a smart investment on the aesthetics that add charm to the building.

Best Feature: The south shows a sea of townhouses beautifully built. On the other hand, the north has a long parkette along the boulevard. A pool is also there, which you can use after paying a fixed fee.

3.   120/130 Carlton Street

Located at the edge of Jarvis and Carlton, 120 and 130 Carlton Street is a double-condo deal. Known for its rather rare buildup, the condo is an amazing deal for anyone. 120 Carlton condo is for commercial purposes, whereas 130 Carlton condo is meant more for residential purposes. The only similarity is that both condos offer the same amenities. These amenities have been updated to suit the contemporary demands. For instance, there is an attractive new lobby, outdoors that have been newly painted, a swimming pool, rooms to hold up meetings and gorgeous hallways.

Best Feature: 120 Carlton Condo has some of the best priced commercial spaces in the city. Condo 130 Carlton has some of the most spacious units you can find in Toronto. You can also see the beautiful Allen Gardens to its south too.



Living in a condo can give your mind some peace and a feeling of security. Most condos come with digital security systems and various other amenities that otherwise wouldn’t have been possible for you to afford. So, be ready to downsize and enjoy a life that has fewer hassles and more tranquillity. After all, your lifestyle deserves to be a little less hectic. Live a no-clutter life. Believe me; sometimes less is more!

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