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Of late, people want to buy condos for sale in Oshawa Whitby. Condos make up the vast majority of new homes currently under construction and the prices are still affordable when compared to a single-family home. People also prefer to live in a condo and for some of them, it is the only realistic way they can own a home. Here are some tips to buy the best condos in Oshawa Whitby.

  1. New build Vs Resale:

Buying the pre-construction condos cost lesser than buying the existing condos in the same neighbourhood. This is sensible as your money will be sitting with the developer for so long as well as all the uncertainty surrounding new build timelines and final layouts and finishes. However, some of the pre-construction prices are matching and also exceeding the prices of existing condos. But when you go for existing ones, then you will get immediate occupation as opposed to the new ones. From a financial perspective, it is ideal to go for a resale condo.

  1. Shared amenities:

Many condos built during the last decade come with common amenity space. This is a great way for condo owners as they can enjoy the use of amenities while sharing the cost between large groups of owners making it much cheaper.

  1. Older buildings:

If you are looking to maximise the amount of space for your budget then an older building is definitely the best choice. Even buildings as young as 10 years old have significantly larger floor plans than brand new buildings. The price per square foot is also lower. But the only drawback is that the finishes are out-dated but this can also be changed, fortunately. Condo renovation is very cost-effective compared to renovating a house.

  1. Large dens:

One of the smartest changes that can be done is to convert a large den into an extra bedroom. This is one of the easiest ways to increase the value of a condo, as installing a wall and a door is a very inexpensive renovation.

As there are many condos coming up, it is ideal to embrace the increasingly vertical city. Day-by-day, condo ownership is becoming more common and no doubt the buyers will become savvier about what makes a unit or building stand out. You should keep in mind the above factors while going for condos for sale in Oshawa Whitby.


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