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Lakeview Development in Mississauga to Include a ‘Future Innovation District’

Innovation Square at Lakeview Village in Mississauga
Innovation Square at Lakeview Village in Mississauga
Innovation Square at Lakeview Village in Mississauga

Toronto is frequently known as Canada’s pioneer in promoting mixed-use, creative and innovative communities. Mississauga, on the other hand, will offer the city a run for its money. It prepares to host a new, cutting-edge Innovation District. Also, it aims to become the country’s largest hub for research, innovation and technology.

The Innovation District is an impressive feat for the lakefront city to undertake. But, it is only one of many ambitious components that will define the upcoming Lakeview Village of Mississauga. It encompasses a mixed-use waterfront community of about 177-acre built completely on lands of the industry.
The new community will include housing options, educational and office space. In addition, it will also extend to embrace the Innovation District, multicultural and annual recreational programming. With that, it will have direct access to local transportation, a network of pathways, tracks and an extensive park system.

The district is centrally located within the region’s Innovation Corridor and seamlessly integrated into the city. It will be the future home of thousands of long-term jobs. Simultaneously, it will act as a catalyst for Mississauga’s post-pandemic economic recovery.

Square and Hotel Innovation at Lakeview Village/Renderings by Cicada Design Inc.
Square and Hotel Innovation at Lakeview Village/Renderings by Cicada Design Inc.

During the pandemic, there has been a migration from urban to suburban areas. Homeowners desired greater access to green space. As a result, suburban spaces give priority to accessibility and multi-use communal areas while promoting talent retention and job growth. In other words, communities are emerging as significant contributors to the economic recovery in Canada.

Simply put, people want to live in areas with places they can walk to adequate green space, child care, their favourite stores, and work.

But, even more than the pandemic, Lakeview Community Partners Limited (LCPL) recognized the importance of creating a future-ready community. They wanted to build an environment that promotes collaboration, sustainability, and the use of green space. This could serve as a model for mixed-use communities around the world.

The Innovation District expands on Lakeview Village’s sustainable foundation. It has the potential to compete with the world’s top technology hubs. Thus, it propels Mississauga’s journey toward long-term economic prosperity.

According to Rob Spanier, LCPL development advisor and advisory firm Spanier Group President, the overall strength of the development and its location within Mississauga will determine the success of the innovation district.

The Greater Toronto Area is situated for these sorts of spot-based advancements that have the right blend of interconnected employment. They generally imagined having the Innovation District on this site since the beginning. Collectively, they see how it’s ready to significantly affect the GTA. Whenever you check out promising circumstances for these mixed-use and creative networks, Mississauga has the chance to shine. It’s a developing city, and from an approaching center point viewpoint, Lakeview will unite everything.

The GTA is no stranger to innovative districts; in fact, you’ll find them all over the place. MaRS, The DMZ, and the adjacent medical hub along University Avenue are all available in Toronto. In addition, you will see VentureLab and YSpace in Markham, McMaster Innovation Park in Hamilton, and Communitech in Kitchener-Waterloo. Meanwhile, Mississauga is in the heart of it all.

Mississauga sits at the focal point of the locale. This is the reason they planned a region that is centered around how individuals wish to work, cooperate, and live. It is the future outcome of city building, and Lakeview’s Innovation District will be the heart of things to come.

Lakeview and the region are deliberately found and profoundly available because of their proximity to Canada’s biggest air terminal, Pearson International, while Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport is only 19 kilometers away. There are likewise various driving choices close by GO Transit stations and significant expressways and streets nearby.

Sustainability Centre at Lakeview Village/Renderings by Cicada Design Inc.
Sustainability Centre at Lakeview Village/Renderings by Cicada Design Inc.

Filling in as a focal center for research, the Innovation District will animate a flourishing business area that will draw in and hold an assorted pool of ability and make 9,000 long-haul occupations.

The locale will include over 200,000 square feet for new restaurant and retail openings, 20-sections of land for advancement, culture and grounds, and 1.9 million square feet of business spaces, tech and exploration offices and office space.

Notwithstanding, Spanier said the group needs to guarantee Lakeview brings and draws in the right organizations to accomplish something beyond occupied space. 

There’s an opportunity here. The organizations will be essential for an unbelievable financial instrument and pick where they need their administrative center and workplaces rather than thinking they just need space.

Lakeview Innovation District, Site Map/Renderings by Cicada Design Inc.
Lakeview Innovation District, Site Map/Renderings by Cicada Design Inc.

With an ageless engineering plan and an open space working climate, in addition to closeness to incorporated travel courses, also a flourishing retail local area and the waterfront, the Innovation District will go about as a magnet for super-advanced firms, innovation incubators, and business visionaries in the post-pandemic time and then on.

The joint effort has been integral to the methodology behind the Innovation District’s plan, with open idea collaborating spaces, adaptable office use, and event spaces accessible to entrepreneurs to cooperate and associate with financial sponsors, specialists, and likely accomplices from around the world.
When people survive COVID, there will certainly be a balanced and hybrid approach to how people want to work. An innovation district that offers the opportunity for people to work in a vibrant community and a safe environment is vital.

Spanier clarified that inside Lakeview, individuals could have gatherings outside in the different outdoor spaces and halls. 

By and large, numerous Mississauga occupants sought Toronto for work openings. Nonetheless, Brian Sutherland, Lead on Lakeview Village and Vice-President of Development at Argo, disclosed that as of late people have started acknowledging Mississauga that it merits an excellent spot to contribute and work together. 

Pier to Steps at Lakeview Village/Renderings by Cicada Design Inc.
Pier to Steps at Lakeview Village/Renderings by Cicada Design Inc.

At Lakeview Village, a whole community is growing, not just simply housing, and apprehend the want to retain this momentum through the introduction of job opportunities in modern, innovative, and technology-based industries.

Also, Mississauga, as of late, received an exceptional internationally perceived honor. After being named one of the world’s most ‘Intelligent Communities’ by the Intelligent Community Forum (ICF), further adding to the city’s allure.

Past the town, Sutherland said, as a component of the area, they plan to put resources into the ability of Mississauga. Further, they want to give the vital foundation that mirrors the city’s development while driving supported monetary success.

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